Little Lilly Sushi

Your neighborhood sushi bar

6100 Camp Bowie Blvd #12                Fort Worth, TX 76116

(817) 989-8886                       

Chih "Danny" Liu, Owner


Liu is originally from Taiwan and resided in the Bay Area for a few years to assist his brother in opening a restaurant. After many years of cooking traditional Chinese/Taiwanese cuisine, he decided to improve his skills in Japanese cuisine since Japan has a strong influence in Taiwan.


Liu moved to North Texas over 15 years ago and continued making sushi. He worked for many years under the direction of Koji Aoki at Sushi Zone. Liu eventually took a head chef position at the former Hui Chuan (now Little Lilly) then later at Sushi Yoko.


After years of working in the Camp Bowie District, Liu heard of an opportunity to take over Hui Chuan. He called up a former employee he had at Sushi Yoko, Jesus Garcia, to extend him the opportunity to flex the culinary creativity he had shown glimpses of under Liu's direction. Through hard work & dedication to their craft, they are assisting in the continuous growth of the culinary scene in Fort Worth.