Little Lilly Sushi
Your neighborhood sushi bar

6100 Camp Bowie Blvd #12                Fort Worth, TX 76116

(817) 989-8886                       

Awase Miso Soup - $2
white & red miso blend in housemade dashi
with wakame seaweed, scallions, & silken tofu
House Salad - $3
artisan greens, carrot, daikon, red beets & pickled
red onion tossed with creamy tofu dressing

Steamed Rice or Noodles - $3

Quinoa Brown Rice - $4

Edamame - $5
steamed soybeans seasoned with Japanese sea salt or chili-garlic spice

Seaweed Salad - $5
wakame/suginori seaweed & kikurage mushrooms coated with sesame sauce

Squid Salad - $7
boiled squid, vegetables & kikurage mushrooms coated with sesame sauce
Spinach Ohitashi - $5
steamed spinach, garlic-ginger soy, sesame seeds & bonito flakes
Handmade Pork Gyoza - $6
pan fried handmade pork, cabbage & garlic dumplings with a side of chili soy
Chicken Karaage - $6
ginger-soy marinated thigh with yuzu kosho mayo & shichimi togarashi

Shishito Lime - $7
mild Japanese pepper tossed in lime soy, brown
sugar pecans, sesame seeds & bonito flakes
Tempura Shrimp & Vegetables - $9
batter fried shrimp(3pc) & vegetables with a side of grated daikon & tentsuyu sauce  

Catalonian Pork Belly - $12
12 hour sous vide pork belly coated with mirin soy glaze

Tuna Tower* - $16
tuna sashimi, spicy tuna, lump blue crab, avocado,
black tobiko & sushi rice with wasabi soy

Tuna- $15           Wagyu- $17

choice of pepper-seared wagyu beef or togarashi-seared
tuna with yuzu ponzu, scallion & crispy onions

Masunosuke Crudo* - $17
king salmon, white balsamic soy, extra virgin olive
oil, fennel pollen salt & cracked pepper


*Consuming raw or undercooked proteins may increase your risk of food borne illness*